Torgny Holmgren

Executive Director, Stockholm International Water Institute

“SIWI supports the Bonn Water Dialogues to highlight water’s connections throughout the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement and other global agendas, and to ensure that we all manage our water wisely.”

Blanca Jiménez Cisneros

Director General, National Water Commission of Mexico (CONAGUA)

“It is extremely important to accelerate efforts to achieve the goal of sustainable development related to water in order to achieve progress in other equally relevant agendas such as food security, environment, social and economic development, health and climate change. The commitment and responsibility belongs to us all.”

David Boys

Deputy General Secretary, Public Services International

“For workers and trade unions, we draw attention to :

  • Water operator partnerships between public utilities, peer-to-peer learning
  • Strengthen capacity of local governments
  • Hire, train and retain staff means stable employment, decent wages, labour rights
  • Ensure proof of concept on innovative finance before full roll-out by IFIs

We appreciate the efforts by the German government and all their staff in organising these dialogues.”

Tony Slatyer

Special Adviser on Water at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Australia

“Achieving the water and sanitation goals agreed in the United Nations just five years ago requires a great step-up in effort in many countries and the support of the global community. Achieving SDG6 will support progress in climate change and contribute to gender equality, food security, environment sustainability and all other fundamental human development goals.

Water Dialogues for Results aims to raise ambition and accelerate progress. I encourage everyone to get involved.”

Henk Ovink

Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Kingdom of the Netherlands

“We must collectively scale up our water actions. Leaving no one behind, using water as leverage for sustainable development. As co-chair our ambition is to make 2023 the global tipping point for water security.”

Dr. Somkiat Prajamwong

Secretary-General, Office of the National Water Resources, Thailand

“Recognizing no one is left behind, the Office of the National Water Resources of Thailand has implemented its national strategic plans emphasizing on securing access to clean drinking water and sanitation services, mobilizing cross-sectoral activities from local to national levels, promoting inter-sectoral collaboration, thus delivering those strategies to the top priority political agenda.”

Nchedi Sophia

Chief Director, Global Cooperation and Strategic Partnerships Department of Water and Sanitation, South Africa

“We have one opportunity to promote water security and one chance not to deny people of Africa their right to water and dignity in the country of their birth. Achieving water security will require all of us to start pulling together to protect our water resources. This will allow member States to find an equilibrium on service delivery, planning, research, funding, monitoring and evaluation of our projects as a much-needed contribution towards achieving SDG6 and related Goals. The partnership created by Water Dialogue is one great platform to do that. Forward we go hand in hand.“

Mariet Verhoef-Cohen

President, Women for Water Partnership

“Investing in women’s meaningful engagement both financially and in human resources in water governance and management is pivotal; different groups of water experts working together with water users is essential.”

Barbara Schreiner

Executive Director, Water Integrity Network

“Most of the SDGs are dependent on access to water and sanitation. Achieving SDG 6 and the human rights to water and sanitation requires all of us, government, community, private sector, to come together and to act with integrity, accountability and commitment. Only in this way will we ensure that all people can live with dignity. It is possible. It is essential.”

Tanja Miškova

Water Diplomacy Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Slovenia

“Water Dialogues are generating momentum for a transformational comprehensive, cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach to water. Slovenia will be promoting this approach during its EU Presidency.”